5 Important Skills That Children Learn from LEGO

Play is the first building block in learning, but what about the building blocks themselves?


How live music benefits children’s learning?

Music can be immensely beneficial for a child’s growth, wellbeing and development.


Open Day 20th January 2018

Open Day Details: Saturday 20th January 2018 10am-2pm Level 3, 11-15 Deane Street, Burwood 2134 What’s On: LEGO® Workshops Sports and yoga classes Introduction to THRASS phonetics Music classes Book a tour now: Limited spaces still available for 2018 Please call 02 0744 0066 to book a tour Tour times; 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm


Helping Families To Have Happy and Healthy Mealtimes

Join us for this special education session dedicated to families! It has been designed to support our families through happy and healthy mealtimes.


Burwood Centre Open Day on 4 November!

Join us for our open day at our Burwood centre on Saturday 4 November!


The Importance of Physical Activity for Children

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Early childhood services are ideally placed to foster the development of good physical activity habits early in life and to encourage families to engage in regular physical activity. ToBeMe offers a wide choice of play-based, physically active learning experiences that link to

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Implementing THRASS in Childhood Learning Centres

THRASS is an acronym for Teaching Handwriting Reading & Spelling Skills. It is a teaching method aimed at building a solid foundational understanding of literacy. THRASS works on the idea that to gain a working knowledge of how language behaves we must understand the process behind word building. Literacy teaching methods have changed over the years and various models have been

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Changes to Rules around Immunisation in Australia

The Government has been moving towards making vaccination mandatory across the Nation, introducing the No Jab No Pay, and No Jab No Play policies, to encourage parents to immunise their children No Jab No Play legislation has been implemented with some variation between states. In Victoria and New South Wales, the policy states that a child who has not been vaccinated

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The Evolution and Importance of Messy Play

Given the range of chores that exist, it is natural that parents feel apprehensive about embarking on extra messy activities with their kids. Jumping in muddy puddles is all very well for Peppa Pig, but who is doing the laundry? Some days, it feels like all you did was get out of bed, grab a mop and start cleaning up

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Introducing Technology to Young Children

The key to introducing young children to technology is to present it with balance and transparency. That is, whatever your personal philosophy around the role of technology in our lives, remaining objective will allow children to form their own relationship with it. While many of us have transitioned from relatively low-tech to multipurpose tech lives in the space of a

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