Fun DIY Children’s Projects to Create on a Rainy Day

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but you don’t want your child to be snoring. To stop boredom from kicking in, give DIY a try and experiment with a few different projects your children could have fun with on a rainy day.

Create Your Own Board Game

You’ve played the ones in the closet one too many times – it’s time for something new. Sit down with your child and some butcher’s paper, and draw up ideas for a new board game. Make it as silly and as colourful as you’d like. If nothing comes to mind, simply re-invent one of the classics: put a new spin on Snakes N Ladders or Uno.


Put a new spin on painting and try some different techniques. Activities to do with painting are especially fun in day care centres because children can work together to create a masterpiece.


Move away from acrylics, and give watercolour a try! Watercolour requires less intensive motor skills and children love the amazing way in which the paints expand.

No-Brush Painting

Try painting without a brush. You could use a sponge, a clothes peg or even your fingers! Get down and messy and have a bit of fun!


Try painting each other and see what comes up! This should get a giggle for sure. The great thing about focused painting is that it develops your child’s creative and spatial abilities, as well as their fine motor skills. Who knows – maybe your child will grow up to become the next Picasso!

Make Playdough

This way, you can choose which colours you’d like and add as much sparkle or glitter as your heart desires. Playdough only needs a few ingredients: flour, water, oil, tartar and salt. Once you’ve made your playdough, let your children create to their heart’s content. You’ll find that making the materials themselves gives them a great sense of satisfaction – as is the case with many creative projects.

Science Experiments

There’s always time for learning, and you can’t go wrong with some classic science experiments. They’ll not only entertain both you and your children, but experimenting also gives them an opportunity to learn more about the world they live in. Later, when they attend their early learning centre, they can share their newfound knowledge with their friends.


Can your child guess which egg is cooked and which is raw? Can they make an egg fit through a bottle without breaking it? What about density – does your child know that eggs sink to the bottom of ordinary tap water but float when you add salt? All of these experiments can teach your child about the mind-boggling world of science.


If eggs aren’t your forte, do the classic rainy-day activity and build a volcano! Pour vinegar and water into a bottle, add baking soda and watch as it bubbles when you drop the menthol in. If you’d like to add some creativity, you can make a volcano around the fizzy drink and then watch it happen! Be careful with this activity – you don’t want anybody getting hurt as the volcano erupts.

Indoor Learning for All Ages!

If you’d like your child to be involved in these activities and more, consider enrolling them in one of our two ToBeMe early learning centres, Burwood and Five Dock. If you have any questions about our activities, or if you would be interested in booking a tour, please contact us on (02) 9744 0066 or visit our contact page

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