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At ToBeMe, we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning. Children learn at their own pace in their own way, and our aim is to provide a holistic curriculum that identifies and responds to their way of learning from day one.

Our unique ToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM offers a well-rounded framework in which children are encouraged to learn by developing connections with the world around them. This connections-based curriculum harmonises the key ways of learning (kinaesthetic, visual, auditory) and the very best of the best teaching practices (Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and THRASS) so that no matter how your child likes to learn, there is something to inspire, excite and fuel their imagination each and every day.

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Early Years

Sparking a love of learning in children at a very early age is important to help them develop into their best selves. Babies are born learning, and as they grow into toddlers, they learn through play, exploration and interactions with others. Our Early Years classrooms and outdoor areas are designed with a focus on self and emotional confidence.

Preparatory School

Our Prep School classroom is set up to mirror a primary school environment in preparation for your child’s journey to kindergarten. This includes an established program between 9am and 3pm (within our normal 7am – 6pm day) providing 4 to 6 year olds with a range of learning experiences like no other.


Healthy self-esteem, self-control and a growth mindset.Being aware of and recognising self-regulation. This is especially important in preparing our children for school. Children learn to problem solve, take turns and wait.

Related Activities

  • Learning to learn
  • Playing ‘my way’
  • Exploring creative outlets
  • Embracing challenges

Observable Outcomes

  • Enjoys creativity – drawing and playing
  • Able to positively deal with upsets
  • Enjoys concentrating on play
  • Understands actions and consequences
  • Feels okay with his or herself

Social connection

The ability to listen, understand, connect and work with others. We encourage children to work in a group context whilst enjoying the company of their peers and educators. Once children have mastered the social connection, we see them start to take leadership in a variety of scenarios and their confidence continues to grow.

Related Activities

  • Working with others and being part of a team
  • Respecting his or herself and others
  • Creativity and having fun
  • Learning to lead
  • Learning to share

Observable Outcomes

  • Displays social skills – listening, conversing, perspectives
  • Age-appropriate manners
  • Understands forgiveness
  • Understands internal and external competitiveness
  • Ability to make friends

The ability to listen, understand and work with others


Physical connection

A healthy relationship with the body, food, motion and rest. Using our minds and our bodies to focus on our own wellbeing. We nurture this connection by giving children the opportunity to participate in physical experiences such as yoga, team sports and enjoying the sunshine in our outdoor play areas.

Related Activities

  • Engaging in our daily sports program (on-site gym)
  • Cooking and eating
  • Relaxing and resting
  • Learning music

Observable Outcomes

  • Knows how to roll and fall safely
  • Enjoys dance and active play
  • Learns balance and posture
  • Recognises healthy food
  • Can identify different sensory experiences

Learning connection

A curiosity for knowledge and learning how to learn. The ability to listen, understand, connect and work with others. An important part of this connection is being aware of, and recognising, the reward in gaining new knowledge and/or practical life skills (e.g. counting from one to ten, learning how to pour).

Related Activities

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Language classes
  • Reading time in the library
  • Learning to ask questions
  • Practical life skills

Observable Outcomes

  • Development of basic numeracy skills
  • English language development
  • Secondary language development
  • Improved memory, desire to explore
  • Following instructions, goal setting and achievements

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