Better by Design

Our campus-style learning spaces have been designed by award-winning architect Sarah Scott, author of Architecture for Children. Sarah has travelled the world researching and specialising in design of childcare and early learning centres.

Our facilities support our philosophy of sparking love of learning from an early age. To help children become their best selves we have created small, focus-group style learning spaces throughout the entire centre. This design encourages children to transition from one room to another many times throughout the day, leaving their ‘work projects’ for next time. This means we are teaching children that their ‘work’ is meaningful and we do not need to pack it away.

We also use this as an opportunity to extend children’s focus, as these projects can take many forms and can successfully go on for weeks. Having the centre designed like a primary school also helps prepare children for primary school. Children who begin school confidently are more likely to have more positive outcomes throughout the educational journey.

Physical environments play a huge role in children’s behaviour and learning processes.

Our generous and carefully crafted indoor and outdoor play areas encourage creativity, learning and social, physical and self-connections.

Our purpose-built classrooms are built with a devotion to dramatic play, scientific exploration, and constructive and sensory play.

Our warm and cosy Library has intimate spaces for children to read on their own, as well as an interactive element where children can borrow books (to read at home and consolidate their learning).

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We also have a well-equipped Construction Room where children are encouraged to draw their plans before cutting, gluing and nailing their unique creations.

Our Lego Room follows the same principle of a specialised area, for small groups of children to have access to all the Classic Lego, Duplo and Robotic Lego they could ever need! With child-sized workbenches and quiet spaces there are no limits to what a child can create.

Through these interactive facilities, we are able to provide children with both group and individual learning experiences in the areas that they are most interested in, whilst also providing an immersive window into the big wide world.

To assist families with further support, we have rooms for speech and occupational therapists to use and a hair salon to help take the pressure off family weekends.

Our facilities have been designed to include:

  • Dedicated outdoor areas with garden beds, sandpits, real trees, grass and shrubs
  • An interactive LEGO®room
  • Highly secure Centres with swipe card access only
  • Zoned climate control
  • THRASS literacy area
  • A state-of-the-art library with a ‘book nest’ for quiet family reading

The outdoor areas have a mix of covered and open areas so that Children can enjoy their outdoor experience no matter the weather conditions. Children also experience a custom designed outdoor climbing area with rock and rope climbing and castle and cubby for more exciting and challenging play.

The huge wet and dry sandpit, surrounded by sandstone is designed to provide Children with a beach-like sand experience.