Peparatory School

ToBeMe’s Prep School program is designed to help children aged 4-5 years build the confidence and skills to get ready for the milestone of reaching primary school.
Our Prep School Program is designed to mirror a school day; where children have the opportunity to learn in an environment where they are inspired by Reggio Emilia and are provided with Montessori materials to present them with the best possible learning experiences. This structured learning encompasses all of the learning domains from mathematics to robotics to a comprehensive literacy program (THRASS).

At ToBeMe, we prepare your child for primary school and beyond by instilling in them a passion for knowledge. But we also teach them how to develop a healthy relationship with the world around them through the self, social, physical and learning connections underpinning our unique curriculum.

Our architecturally-designed indoor and outdoor learning spaces offer a balanced environment that helps your child interact with the world around them; learning through play in many purpose-built areas.

We also have on-site facilities for speech pathologists and paediatric occupational therapists (as needed) to make it easier for families to make the most of their daycare hours, giving them more quality time back during the week to spend as a family.

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