Exploring the Magic of Storytelling

Building Strong Bonds with Your Child Through Books As parents of childcare-aged children, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the challenges and joys that come with raising little ones. Amidst the diaper changes, mealtime struggles, and bedtime routines, there’s a magical opportunity that often gets overlooked – the enchanting world of storytelling. In this blog, we’ll delve into the importance of storytelling,

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Culture, Communication, and Connection

How Teaching Your Child Another Language Can Help Build a Better Future In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate across cultures and languages is more critical than ever. As such, teaching children another language at a young age can help build a better future by promoting cultural awareness, communication, and connection. Learning another language at a young age

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Combatting Sibling Rivalry

If you are a parent with more than just one child, it is inevitable that sibling rivalry will exist in your household. This can be an upsetting sight to witness but there are steps and tools that you can implement to promote peace. This blog will go through the reason why this is a common issue and how to remedy

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The Social Dilemma for Children

One of the key concerns of most parents is the amount of time their children spend being exposed to social media via smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. In light of the recent attention that social media has been given through various documentaries such as “The Social Dilemma” and “The Great Hack”, we take a deeper look into some of

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Advance Your Career at ToBeMe

At ToBeMe Early Learning, we facilitate industry-leading Education and Care through our inspired learning spaces. Fundamental to our ethos is one critical element: Exploring. Through the means of Exploring, we are able to discover the best learning practices and approaches for our Children. From the moment that ToBeMe Early Learning was simply an idea, we embarked on our own journey

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Teaching the generations of tomorrow to look after Mother Earth.

At ToBeMe, our children are commencing an amazing learning journey, providing them with an incredible educational experience.  We’re currently in the process of a brand new project – The ToBeMe Learning Farm! Our vision for the ToBeMe Learning Farm is to create an organic permaculture farm, where we can self produce our own fruit and vegetables. Ultimately, our medium-term plan,

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The Boogers Are Coming – A Free E-Book for Children

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Toddle, we’re proud to introduce their free E-Book, A Little Monsters Story: The Boogers are Coming. Confusion is a feeling shared by most during this pandemic and whilst the world adjusts to a new normal, children can be left wondering what on earth is going on? Toddle’s Little Monster characters are based on the

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NSW Health Advice Regarding School Closures

NSW Health has advised for schools to remain open in light of the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19; as per the outcomes of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee meeting on Sunday 15th March 2020. In summary, your children are safer at school. The topic of school closure and attendance has been widely discussed. There are specific reasons why experts have made

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10 practical tips for getting kids to pay attention.

Kids and attention; If it’s happened once, it’s happened a thousand times. You call out to your child for dinner, ask her to get undressed for the bath or tell him to come inside from the back yard, and it’s as if your requests evaporate into thin air. Or you check in to see how homework is coming along, only

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Why are we growing our own food!

Revolutionising Childhood Education In case you missed it, we’ve decided here at ToBeMe to grow our own food! You most certainly haven’t read that wrong. Wondering why and what that has to do with your child’s education? Please, allow us to explain. We’re revolutionising the way children learn. In fact, there is an abundance of research to support the notion!

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