The Boogers Are Coming – A Free E-Book for Children

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Toddle, we’re proud to introduce their free E-Book, A Little Monsters Story: The Boogers are Coming.

Confusion is a feeling shared by most during this pandemic and whilst the world adjusts to a new normal, children can be left wondering what on earth is going on?

Toddle’s Little Monster characters are based on the six children’s personality archetypes and, amongst other things, aim to educate children about germs, how they spread and how they can stay healthy so that they feel empowered. From Jampa, who is caring and friendly, to Morph who is wild and tenacious, each little monster aims to connect with your child and be a relatable voice to explain the COVID-19 world.

They’ve also created a fun colouring-in book for your children to enjoy whilst in self-isolation and to give you, our parents, some much-needed downtime!

“Our aim with the e-book and animation is to alleviate any worries about COVID-19 in a fun and positive way and help parents communicate with their children in a language they understand.”

– Arthur, Toddle CEO 

Drop in and say hello to our friends over at Toddle, who have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, their team is here to support you, just as much as ToBeMe Early Learning, at every step of your journey.

Visit and tell them we sent you!

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