At ToBeMe Early Learning, we facilitate industry-leading Education and Care through our inspired learning spaces.

Fundamental to our ethos is one critical element: Exploring.

Through the means of Exploring, we are able to discover the best learning practices and approaches for our Children. From the moment that ToBeMe Early Learning was simply an idea, we embarked on our own journey of Exploration and discovered industry-leading architect, Sarah Scott – who has travelled the world researching and designing early learning centres, as well as having won several accolades and author of publications such as “Architecture for Children”. Our work with Sarah enabled us to design purpose-built campuses so that our Children can discover their own interests and learn in small focus groups, as well as joining their siblings and friends in various environments and activities. Why? Because this empowers each and every Child that attends ToBeMe, to have the best possible opportunity to learn, play and grow; hence becoming their best selves.

With that said, it’s only natural that we continue upon our journey of Exploration and discover the very best Educators within our sector. Individuals who are passionate about a career and not just a job. If that sounds like you, then ToBeMe is the place for you.

Our primary focus for our Educators is to mentor, support and inspire nurturing and innovative Thought Leaders who are:

1) Genuine – Being entrusted with their Children’s developmental and wellbeing needs and approaching every task with honesty and integrity.

2) Accountable – Focusing on their actions as individuals and being self-motivated to excel in their endeavours. 

3) Positive – From their mindset to their attitude; positivity is integral to not only the individual but to every Child they encounter.  

This is our GAP Framework, which we utilize as our primary identifier, hence ensuring that all of our Educators are not just industry leaders themselves, but are completely immersed in our Culture too.  

What sets us apart?

One of the key elements of the ToBeMe Culture is cultivating the individual talents and interests of our Educators.

We encourage, mentor and equip our Educators with the appropriate resources and tools, which enable them to shine and hence, provide incredible learning experiences for our Children. Some of the ways that we facilitate these learning experiences include: 

  1. Inspiring Learning Spaces – Whether you are a talented musician, a budding artist, language enthusiast, gardener, book worm or fitness guru (yes, these are all real interests from our very own Educators), our Inspiring Learning Spaces enable your talents to shine through, hence making your career exceptionally rewarding.
  2. Training and Development – We believe the sky’s the limit and with the right mentorship and guidance, we know that our Educators can achieve their truest potential. Which is why we have a dedicated, full-time Training and Support Manager, who is right there with you, as you engage and educate our children, hence providing you with ongoing mentorship, support and feedback.
  3. Investing in You – By actively choosing to absorb the cost of First Aid, Anaphylaxis, Professional Development and other courses, we create an environment for our Educators to become industry-leaders themselves.
  4. Partnerships – ToBeMe Early Learning is partnered with TAFE; Australia’s leading vocational education and training provider and one of the most recognized institutions for Educators to further and complete their studies/qualifications.
  1. Short Courses – And finally, we are proud to announce that we are currently creating short courses for our Educators, including: Managers in Training, Teacher’s Club and The Art of Communication. These specially designed, internal courses are being created in order to further our Educator’s career progression and acquire skills which are transferable to both, life and any other role.

Here’s what our Educators have to say:

I really enjoyed completing the certificate 3 here at ToBeMe. I get to do my study at work as well as working with the Children. It helps me complete my studies because I feel like you need hands-on experience to answer the questions and you get a lot of support from all the Educators and Directors” 

Antonia Condos, Room Leader for Room 5, Burwood Campus

Your ToBeMe Journey

We encourage our Educators to ultimately define their career and give them the necessary tools to carve out their own journey. Hence, we encourage our Educators to place conscious thought into the following factors:

  1. Set SMART Goals – Your goals should be defined by the SMART Principle; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. What does your career journey look like by specific milestones of the short, medium and long term future? What can ToBeMe do in order to help you achieve those goals?
  2. Get Inspired – What makes your passion flow? What are the things that you enjoy doing and define who you are as a person? We explore how we can incorporate your interests and talents into your teaching curriculum to make for a personalised learning experience, which, above all, is highly beneficial to our Children.
  3. Achieve Results – The bridge between dreams and reality is action. We are committed to ensuring our Educators achieve real, satisfying results in whatever they set out to do. Therefore, we ensure that we work closely with each Educator on an individual basis in order to set out a tangible plan and create an environment where they can follow through with execution.

Ultimately, we want you to become the best Educator and Leader that you can be and we’re committed to helping you to achieve everything that you aspire to be, both on a professional and personal level.

“It’s really rewarding to see first-hand how your own personal ideas contribute to the development of the Children. You witness your own hard work being channelled to your Children like when they take their first steps or pick up their first pencil” 

Jessica Rinaudo, Room Leader for Room 3, Five Dock Campus

If you’ve found yourself nodding in approval and having aligned with our ethos and commitment to excellence, we’d love to help you become your best self too.

Head over to our Careers page for more information and to apply:

We look forward to meeting new faces around our campuses, expanding our ToBeMe Family and to helping you create a future that you can call your own.

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