Rewards or Punishment? Exploring Disciplinary Actions That Work.

Having a challenging child is draining to say the least. You hide the permanent markers and instruct your little one to refrain from writing on the walls, and no more than 5 minutes later they’ve drawn their interpretation of the Mona Lisa


Quality Time VS Routine Time: How to Avoid The Parent Guilt

After an extremely busy week of work, driving my kids from piano lessons to haircuts, and a quick trip to the hospital- don’t ask, I have a very rambunctious 4 year old- I finally had some time to sit on the couch, put my feet up, and bury my nose in my favourite book


Emotional, Behavioural, and Physical Signs of Anxiety in Children

I remember my childhood so vividly because I was such an anxious child. Back then there wasn’t much literature on anxiety with children. I was told to “suck it up”, “get over it” and stop being such a baby.


Have We Gone Too Far? Examining Different Parenting Styles.

When you’re a parent, everybody has an opinion on your parenting style. You’re too harsh, you’re too lenient, you shouldn’t let them do this or that.


Working Parent vs Stay At Home Parent

I reluctantly returned to work shortly after having my first child. Although I lost a large portion of my salary to childcare and transit fees, it was quite clear that returning to work was the best move financially for me and my family.


Is Family Dinner a Thing of the Past?

Is family dinner a thing of the past? “May I please be excused from the table” is a term that almost seems archaic to me. One of my fondest memories as a child is my mother yelling “DINNNEERR!”


Is One Hour a Day Too Much Screen Time?

It’s important to examine the benefits and repercussions of sitting them in front of a screen. How much is too much screen time? Is there a certain age where screen time is okay?


Review of Children’s Puzzles and Games

Which games are great for development, while still being educational? In this article, we’ll explore this field.


How to Teach Moral Lessons to Kids

Morals are at the centres of our lives. They teach us what is right, what is wrong and how to be good people without sacrificing ourselves in the process.


Fun Children’s Projects to Make with Cardboard

In this article, we’ll take a look at some projects that both you and your kids will have a blast making.