What Does it Truly Mean To Be Me?

Building self-identity starts early. Children will begin asking questions about themselves and wondering what makes them special from an early age. Children who have a strong form of self are more likely to strengthen the way they connect with the world and have self-efficacy and resilience. Using a child’s current understandings, personality, characteristics and cultural background for catering to a child’s development is crucial in helping them achieve a true understanding of themselves.

What is self-identity?

Even adults go through the occasional identity crisis at different stages of their life. So you can just imagine what it’s like for a child, who is still growing and developing their thoughts, interests, likes and dislikes. Children develop their self-identity based on their thoughts and experiences around them. The more they are given the opportunity to interact and develop, the more they can get a grasp of their identity.

How does self-identity develop a child?

A child who has a strong sense of self is far more likely to take reasonable risks, be resilient and be confident. All children will feel anxious or worried at times, but it’s how they handle this that assists them in becoming more independent and confident. You can assist your child develop their identity through: Building independence: the more opportunities you provide to complete tasks independently, the more competent they will become Involve them in decision making: a child who makes decisions is a child who can justify their choices both now, and later in life Encourage personal learning: children who engage in creative, meaningful play are more likely to build upon their own learning and learn to challenge themselves.

How we help at ToBeMe

At ToBeMe in Burwood, we recognise your child’s individuality and unique set of interests and abilities. And more importantly, we allow children to work at their own pace, to be the best version of themselves and to understand what it means ‘ToBeMe’. The real secret behind our ToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM is that it is tailored to suit each and every child. Through the four key connections of learning and teaching, your child is given the best opportunity to learn and grow. Contact us for more information today.

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