Review of Children’s Puzzles and Games

There are so many puzzles and games out there for children that it may be somewhat overwhelming. Which games are great for development, while still being educational? In this article, we’ll explore this field.

A Classic: Lego

No matter which age, Lego is great, which is why it is so often present in early learning centres. For younger children, they have large Lego blocks that are too big to be swallowed. For older children, they have more intricate designs and instructions that are both engaging and educational.

At all ages, Lego helps with skill development. It gives children a chance to develop their imagination as they may build whatever suits their fancy while also working on their fine motor skills. When following the instructions, they must concentrate, consciously choose which blocks match the instructions and then place them together. For these reasons, Lego is said to strongly stimulate children’s development at all ages.

Science Sets

Whether it’s a Slime Maker or Crystal Grower, science toy sets allow your child to explore science in a safe and engaging way. Many of the products include both instructions and opportunities for your child to make their own choices. For example, they can choose which crystals to grow or which experiments to attempt.

The great part about science sets is that there is something for everyone. There are sets that rocket-lovers will enjoy, and there are sets exploring different fauna and flora. However, these sets are more appropriate for older children. Children up to the ages of seven may find other toys more engaging and more suited to their stage of learning.

Car Racing Tracks

Car racing tracks are the sorts of toys where you can build a route for your car and then let it go wild. They are similar to train track building in that they encourage the development of fine motor skills whilst also introducing them to the world of puzzle solving. After all, not all of the routes will work and not all routes will be as successful as each-other. Your child will have to discover which routes are best and which pieces fit together well.

Another interesting thing that car tracks teach is the theory of consequences. If your child removes a key bridge, then the car will simply fall off. In this sense, every action has a matching reaction.

Due to the variety of possibilities that your child can take with these racing tracks, it is also likely that it will keep them engaged for long periods of time while keeping them moving.

The Joy of Socialising

In a market where there are thousands of games, these are simply some classics that have significant benefits for your child’s growth and development. Depending on your child’s interests, they may be better suited to more creative-orientated games, such as Build-a-Bear, or to puzzle games.

Many of these games work better if your child has someone else to play them with. Consider enrolling your child in one of our two ToBeMe early learning centres, Burwood and Five Dock. If you have any questions about our activities, or if you would be interested in booking a tour, please contact us on (02) 9744 0066 or visit our contact page.

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