How a Child’s Home Learning Environment Impacts their Learning

Research conducted over many years in numerous countries suggests that a child’s home environment greatly impacts the way a child learns at school. It is also suggested that experiences in early childhood greatly impact on habit and skill formation in later years.

Environmental Importance

If we live surrounded by noise, it is hard for us to focus. If we don’t have enough room for all our materials, we are likely to become frustrated and will try to avoid doing the work. The same applies for children. The environment that they are in has a significant impact on them in many ways.


Children tend to need stimulation more so than adults because their brains are still developing and expanding. For this reason, materials are needed. Studies show that the availability of learning materials, whether they are books or toys, gives children an opportunity to develop their language and academic skills early on.

A stimulating learning environment expands the brain. Some parents, instead of purchasing many different books and toys, prefer to take their children to a library, museum or art gallery in order to stimulate them there. Some like to give their child a few days at an early learning centre or preschool.

What is important is for children to actively participate in learning activities in an environment where they are supported. Try storytelling, math puzzles or even playing Lego – these all facilitate learning while stimulating and engaging with your child.


Just as we have a designated space for eating, children should have a designated space for school work. This could be the kitchen table, in the lounge, or even on your desk. Children need to know that there is a consistent place where they can sit down and do their work, no matter where it is.

By designating a space, you show your children that learning is important. They can feel free to focus on their work, without clutter or distractions that may prevent them from doing so.

Parent Involvement

There is more to a home than books and toys. One of the most crucial impactors on children’s success is the way their parents interact with them. For a child to succeed, it is recommended that the parents reinforce the value of education. This can happen in several different ways.

Parents can show involvement through discussing school with their child and showing an honest interest. They can bring up the future, ask their child what they would like to do once they grow up, or they could focus on the present and discuss subjects with their child. Even talking about topics that are not school-related shows the child that their parent is genuinely interested in their development.

Not only that, but it also gives them a strong role-model to base their views on learning on. If their parent is engaged, it is likely that the child will grow up and treat their studies with interest and respect.

Recruit the Experts in Child Development

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