Exploring Creativity in Children

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While it has been said that children are inherently creative, they certainly need adults to foster and nurture this creativity to promote meaningful and developmental play. Without the opportunity to explore creativity in various areas and at multiple levels, children are less likely to succeed in other areas of their development.

What is Creativity in Children?

Creativity in children is their ability to fully express themselves openly. When children create, whether it is through art, music, drama, writing or another medium, their creativity comes from their personal feelings and experiences. Children can also express themselves through play.

Why Is Creativity So Important?

Giving children the opportunity to be creative is crucial to their overall development and wellbeing. Each type of creativity will develop different learning areas in a child.

  • Imaginative play and drama: Does your child love to play dress-ups or use puppets to make up stories? Maybe they like to pretend to be a shopkeeper, pirate or fireman or organise a teddy bear’s picnic? Imaginative play is an important part of speech development, problem-solving and developing imaginations.
  • Art: Being creative through art is an excellent sensory experience for your child. Art allows children to express their feelings through a different medium and assists them in developing their fine motor skills. This assists them with cutting, gluing, writing, drawing and manipulating objects with their hands and fingers. The finished product is not important, but what comes through the process is!
  • Music: Songs and music allow self-expression. When children are creative through music, they are developing their speech, learning rhyme – which is an essential part of reading and spelling – and they are building their memory skills.

How Does ToBeMe Encourage Creativity?

ToBeMe’s Educational Directors free themselves from administration, meaning they are exclusively dedicated to each child’s education.

An interactive LEGO® room and distinct areas across a variety of activities –including art and craft, science, and drama – help children to develop their imagination and creativity.

At ToBeMe, we recognise your child’s individuality and unique set of interests and abilities. We allow children to work at their own pace to be their best version of themselves.

The real secret behind our ToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM is that it is tailored to suit each and every child. Through the four key connections of learning and teaching, your child is given the best opportunity to learn and grow. Contact us for more information today.

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