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ToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM

We are a passionate group of Early Childhood Professionals who are dedicated to finding better ways of learning and teaching.

ToBeMe aims to help your Child learn and explore the world by igniting their passion for knowledge and instilling in them a deep love of learning at an early age.

Our curriculum is based on the best of the best teaching practices and philosophies and is centred on understanding your Child’s and family’s specific needs. Our Curriculum gives your Child every opportunity to learn and grow.

We base the ToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM on four key connections. Through this holistic approach, Children experience quality Education and important life skills that encourage a curiosity and relationship with the world around them.


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One of the most important skills that a Child can develop is how to maintain a healthy connection with his or herself. This pillar focuses on helping your Child to develop healthy self-esteem, self-control, a growth mindset, and abundant happiness.

  • Learning to learn
  • Playing ‘my way’
  • Exploring creative outlets
  • Embracing challenges

Observable Outcomes

  • Enjoys creativity – drawing and playing
  • Able to positively deal with upsets
  • Enjoys concentrating on play
  • Understands actions and consequences
  • Feels okay with his or herself

Social connection

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Forming strong social interaction skills is vital in life. At ToBeMe, we help your Child to make meaningful social connections at an early age by helping them develop the ability to listen, understand, and connect with peers, adults, the environment and our world.

  • Working with others and being part of a team
  • Learning to lead
  • Respecting his or her self and others
  • Cooperating activities
  • Creativity and having fun
  • Learning to share

Observable Outcomes

  • Displays social skills – listening, conversing, perspectives
  • Age-appropriate manners
  • Understands forgiveness
  • Understands internal and external competitiveness
  • Ability to make friends

Physical connection

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Developing a physical connection early on is important in the way your Child will interact with the world around her or him. We encourage Children to understand and explore the body in motion and their relationship with food, motion and rest.

  • Engaging in a variety of activities including dancing and Yoga
  • Cooking and eating
  • Relaxing and resting
  • Learning music

Observable Outcomes

  • Knows how to roll and fall safely
  • Enjoys dance and active play
  • Learns balance and posture
  • Recognises healthy food
  • Can identify different sensory experiences

Learning connection

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As Educators who are passionate about igniting curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, we are proud to include this essential pillar that fosters and develops curiosity while your Children learn how to learn.

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Language classes
  • Reading time in the library
  • Learning to ask questions

Observable Outcomes

  • English language development
  • Development of basic numeracy skills
  • Secondary language development
  • Improved memory
  • Desire to explore
  • Problem-solving, following instructions, goal setting and achievements

Early Years

Engaging Children at a very early age is important to help them develop into their best selves. Babies are born learning, and as they grow into toddlers, they learn through play, exploration and interactions with others. Our Early Years Classrooms and outdoor areas are designed with a focus on self and emotional confidence.

More Information on Early Years

Preparatory School

Our Pre-School room is set up as a Preparatory School environment mirroring Primary School routines in preparation for Children’s journey to Kindergarten. The Prep School room has an established program between 9am and 3pm (within our normal 7am – 6pm day) providing our 4 to 6 year olds with a range of learning experiences like no other.

More Information on Prep-School

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