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At ToBeMe, our babies and toddlers experience their learning and play in open plan classrooms covering all areas needed for their development.

These classrooms are complete with stages for dress up and drama, learning areas, home corners, block play areas and indoor active areas for in room physical activities.

The curriculum for the Early Years is based upon the best of the best drawing from a variety of philosophies including Thrass, Montessori and Reggio Emilia. Daily learning draws on our 4 key connections – self, social, physical and learning.

ToBeMe is also the first Early Learning Centre to offer the phonetics teaching tool – THRASS from the age of 6 months.

“Our Children have spaces where they know they are safe, secure and supported which builds the best foundation for them to engage and learn.”

Michelle – Room Leader at ToBeMe, Burwood

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Early Years Activities

Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and therefore need to be stimulated with varied environments and activities to allow them to develop to their full potential.

Our Babies and Toddlers early years’ experience is reinforced with numerous activities including:

  • THRASS program—Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills
  • Sports program – including Yoga
  • Dance, music and drama – Stages are built into all rooms
  • Library time – In our state-of-the-art library
  • Science stations
  • Introduction to foreign language
  • Music area complete with a mini-grand piano
More information on full curriculum
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Early Years – A Place to Thrive and Learn

Each room opens out onto the generous outdoor areas providing Children with choices of an outdoor or indoor environment.

Children also enjoy the campus style facilities at the centre including our Children’s restaurant, a dedicated artspace, library, LEGO® room and music area.

Their physical needs are satisfied with exciting and challenging outdoor areas and a gym for play and dedicated sports and yoga lessons every day.

Give your Child their best chance to develop at the ToBeMe Early Learning Centre.
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