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At ToBeMe, our babies and toddlers experience their learning and play in open-plan classrooms covering all areas needed for their development.

Our Early Years program reflects our overarchingToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM, which focuses on encouraging children to develop a curiosity for the world around them through connections-based learning.


Each classroom features theatrical stages for dress-up and drama, home corners, block play areas and indoor active areas for in-room physical activities. ToBeMe is also the only early learning centre in NSW to offer reading, writing and spelling program THRASS from the age of 6 months (usually introduced in schools from 6 years onwards).

“Our children have spaces where they know they are safe, secure and supported which builds the best foundation for them to engage and learn.”

Michelle – Room Leader at ToBeMe, Burwood

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Early Years Activities

Early Years Activities

Babies and toddlers are naturally curious. They benefit from being stimulated with a variety of learning environments and activities to allow them to develop to their full potential.

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Early Years – A Place to Thrive and Learn

Each room opens out onto the generous indoor and outdoor play areas including real grass and shrubs, as well as a herb and vegetable garden.

Children also get to enjoy our campus-style learning spaces including  children’s restaurant, a dedicated art studio, library, LEGO® room, and gymnasium where our daily sports program takes place.

Contact us online or call us on (02) 9744 0066 for more information on our Early Years program.