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ToBeMe’s Preparatory School classroom (otherwise known as preschool) prepares your Preschool age Child for primary school and the wider world.

Our 4-6 years Preparatory Class helps Children build the confidence and skills to prepare themselves for the milestone of reaching Primary School. ToBeMe consults with a team of professionals with a background in Primary Teaching to ensure we are providing each Child with the best curriculum possible.

Our ToBeMe Early Learning CurriculumTM and program aims to give your Child the encouragement for learning, help build resilience and prepare your Child for a school environment whilst allowing them to explore and know their own self.

Because we take the time to discover your Child’s interests, we are easily able to incorporate this into their learning, making it a rich experience.

“Preparing Children for formal schooling gives them the confidence to take the biggest step in their young life.”

Carmela – Educational Leader at ToBeMe, Burwood

Teacher and toddler sitting on the floor

Preschool Activities

We believe that young Children have the capability to understand and adapt to a wide range of environments. That’s why we immerse Children in a primary school like setting when they are ready.

Event though the centre operates from 7am to 6pm, from 9am to 3pm, the activities for Preschool mirror a normal school day, complete with school bell, uniforms and a range of activities that are aligned with preparing Children for primary school.

A long list of activities aims to help pre-schoolers to better settle into primary school when the time comes. Some of the activities include:

  • THRASS program—Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills
  • Sports program – including Yoga
  • Dance, music and drama – Stages are built into all rooms
  • Library time – In our state-of-the-art library
  • Science stations
  • Introduction to foreign language
  • Music area complete with a mini-grand piano
More information on full curriculum
Children skipping, reading and playing

One-of-a-Kind Prep School

At ToBeMe, we prepare your Child for primary school and life by instilling in them a passion for knowledge, but we also teach them how to maintain healthy connections, such as self, social, physical and learning connections.

Our indoor and outdoor facilities offer a balanced environment that helps your Child interact with the world around them; learning through play in many purpose-built areas. We also have facilities for speech pathologists and paediatric occupational therapists to make it easier for each Child receive the attention they need to thrive. Our restaurant is run by our chef with a focus on fresh “in-season”, locally sourced, ingredients.

2 girls sitting on dining table with teacher in kindergarten

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